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In “INDIA”, there is different geography, ethnicity, climate, traditions each region of India. in India there are 29 states or according there states there clothing style is different  in which the “ASSAM” has different outfits and traditional dresses like these all states have different outfits “KOLKATA”, “UTTER PRADESH”, “GUJARAT”, “PUNJAB”, MAHARASHTRA”, JAMMU AND KASHMIR”, “KARANATAKA”, “GOA”, etc all the states have different clothing style.


ASSAM is one in all the gorgeous state that happened to seven sisters within the northeast. There are ranges of various ethnic covering. largely there square measure variations of the” MEKHELA”, wear by “WOMEN”, and “DHOTI”, “GAMOSA”, wear by “MEN”.  Dhoti and ghomsa square measure aforesaid to be the native dress of men of the province. a loincloth is using to hide lower 1/2 the body and it’s wall known covering of “INDIA”.This loincloth vogue is additionally ware in “SOUTH STATES”, of “INDIA”.The gamosa is using to hide the actor of the prayer hall it’s used by a breechclout (Suriya); by a “BIHU DANCER”.It is conjointly used the frames as a cincture (tongei)”MEKHELA CHADOR”, is that the ancient dress of “ASSAM”. it’s little the same as the opposite ancient dresses of southeast asia mekhela chuddar is worn by ladies in the province except for kids.


“KOLKATA”, has been the pioneering town in “INDIA”, renaissance. it’s long been well-known for its literary and revolutionary heritage. because of the former capital of “INDIA”. “Kolkata”, ancient apparel for Bengali ladies is typically the saree and it is made from cotton, silk. In a city, numerous sorts of dress denoted by Bengali lady typically ware “RED AND WHITE” saree.


     The individuals of Uttar Pradesh wear a spread of native- and Western-style dress. “UTTAR PRADESH” encompasses a covering vogue which might be known as fairly national. Ancient sorts of dress embody vibrant draped garments – such as sari for ladies and dhoti or lungi for men – and tailored garments such as salwar kameez for ladies and kurta-pajama for men. 


GUJARAT” encompasses a ton of clour in their festival, culture or in wearing dresses conjointly. In “GUJARAT” there are many outfits square measure worn by individuals as per the living of individuals. In Gujarat, men ware trousers and shirts or t-shirts, kurta’s or in urban areas of Gujarat generally {younger ladies|younger ladies|young women} ware’s traditional western outfits like Chania choli worn by women and Kedia dress is worn by men during festivals.


The traditional dress of “PUNJABI”, men is that the “KURTA AND TEHMAT “.The traditional dress of ladies is the”SALWAR SUTI” and “GHAHRA’S” is ware. In Punjabi tradition, ladies can even ware parandas as accessories of haires.


“MAHARASHTRA” is that the third largest state of “INDIA”. In a normal culture of “MAHARASHTRA” embodies  “DHOTI ” is also referred to as a “DHOTAR” wear by men. And “NINE-YARD” dress generally well-known as(NAVWARI SAREE)wear by younger ladies or “LUGDA” is wear by old age women .This type of clothes wear by the Maharashtrian’s in numerous festivals.


In “JAMMU AND KASHMIR”, the Jammu’s Dogra culture and tradition are incredibly totally different from the Kashmiri culture. The culture of a geographic region could be a numerous mix and extremely influenced by northern South Asian. Persian in addition as a Central Asian culture. In Jammu, their geographic region “PHERANS”, is distinguished apparel for “KASHMIRI”, women. “PHERANS” created by “Zari”, “Embroidery”. A phrase is additionally worn by men. In “Jammu and Kashmir” men ware a “HEADGEAR”, look terribly distinctive and extremely totally different kind of different carrying vogue. The “HEADGEAR”, is in red color. A red headgear is additionally referred to as a kasaba abayas.


“KARNATAKA” addresses share the distinctiveness and elegance of south Indian clothing. The men ware shirts or kurtas along with a white color lungi and saree have been the traditional dress for women in Karnataka. In Karnataka women ware “WHITE AND GOLDEN “, border saree made from “KANCHIPURAM SILK”.

  • GOA

Life’s a beach! For all the correct reasons if it’s in Goa! usually the costumes the of individuals of “GOA” square measure terribly colorful and fashionable, trendy. In state men and girls will wear “WESTERN” ware. but a “9- YARD” dress and “PANO BHAJO” in conjunction with ancient “JEWELRY” is that the main dress of the maturity ladies in “GOA”.GOA carnival differing types of dress of state and superbly square measure showcased.

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