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Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men’s- By Fashionovila

Although not as neurotic with shoes as ladies, men even have a splurge for special brands and high-priced shoes. However, choices for men’s shoe area unit quite restricted. Yet, there area unit brands that have held men’s interests in providing dateless and customized styles in shoes. World Health Organization same that being is simply for the femme.

1. House of Testoni

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Here comes the recent stepper. Based by Amended Testoni within the 1920s, the shoes prime the world’s finest, delivering the wealthy way and wide with quality and magnificence. Testoni shoe area unit created with soft fell and finished with a diamond and gold buckle. Feather-light and water-resistant, they conjointly stand the check at of times. Value starts at $30,000

2. Louis Vuitton ShoesExclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Louis Vuitton area unit a rage in ladies. They’re an impressive need among moneyed men. The complete could have tested the launch of shoes for men accidentally, however, the road became a sensation, creating it to the highest league of types. Louis Vuitton men’s shoe area unit product of waxed alligator leather, hand-loomed with the elegant bit. Value starts $10,00

3. Aubercy Diamond Studded Shoes

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Diamonds area unit for men too. Stones as shoe accessories provide a completely different but to masculinity in totality. Phil, Aubercy’s costliest diamond adorned shoe is adorned with diamonds within the classiest of how. These shoes are available of $3000 and higher than looking on the build.

4. Bostonian

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Most popular with young professionals, American provides shoes that may be worn on any formal occasion. The key side of American shoes is that they don’t get wiped out simply. Moreover, the shoe sole stays in one piece despite the daily use. Moreover, animal skin shoes from this complete don’t would like any further care and have a long shine.

5. Salvatore Ferragamo

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Akin to ladies, men conjointly take pride in carrying luxurious shoes for his or her feel and luxury. Salvatore Ferragamo is one in every of the foremost high-priced and most well-liked brands that attract Hollywood celebrities and therefore the elite, providing shoes with materials like patent, suede and animal skin.

6. Johnston and Murphy 

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Johnston and solanaceous vegetable are one in each of the utmost brands famed for providing men’s formal shoes. Though not the foremost high-priced choice, a combination of full general and solanaceous vegetable shoes undoubtedly catches the eye of shoe lovers initially sight. The complete is thought to supply shoes that area unit comfy yet as long. The cap toe shoes area unit the foremost idolized product of this complete.

7. Stefano Bemer Shoes

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Collaborated with world far-famed Gucci, the Stefano Bemer shoe area unit merely created by hands that have excelled within the art of cobbling. Breathless designs and careful work can leave the shoe lovers bedazzled forever. Be astonied to grasp that one combine takes a minimum of 3 months to finish! Would like we are saying a lot of. Shoes that rank within the luxurious. Value starts $2000.

8. Berluti Handmade Shoes

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

If there’s one factor that activates men apart from stunning ladies, it’ the handcrafted shoes. Berluti, one in every of {the prime|the highest} leading luxury brands bring in top-notch handcrafted shoes move cause you to one in every of the most effective. Unique designs and shapes build the name all the lot of a rage among the shoe fetish. Value starts $1800.

9. John Lobb

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Let us move the chase. the costliest shoes ought to smell and appearance it. John Lobb fits the outline. In business since 1860’s the complete stand out exceptionally within the shoe marketplace for category, magnificence, and richness. Need to possess these heavenly shoes? Carry $1300 in your billfold whereas close to look.

10.Edward Green

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Mark of the Brits and time-tested English complete, a combine of Edward inexperienced can leave you are feeling sort of complete English person. In business since 1800, the complete may be a mark of quality, trust, and magnificence. Created by specialists within the trade for years coming back down the generations, Edward Greens area unit a requirement has within the luxury vary.

11. Tanino Crisci

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

They say Italians apprehend fashion like no different. Tanino Crisci may be a live example of the statement, fulfilling each fantasy of ‘home’ to possesses AN upscale variant. Serious on the billfold and delight to strut in, Tanino Crisci ne’er lets a person down. 

12. Martin Dingman

Exclusive Top 12 Shoes Brands for Men's-Fashionovila

Perhaps the newest rage within the men’s shoe phase, Martin Dingman has created quite stir. Tho’ they’re a lot of in demand for his or her animal skin assortment, the formal vary isn’t quite remote from gaining a worldwide charm. People who will splurge on a combine of MD ought to be able to block a minimum of $1100. The shoe area unit well worth the investment, ringing in school and magnificence.

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